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                                    SUNNY AND THE WARRIOR:  PART ONE

Darkness falls upon the melancholy halls of the warriors mind as he sinks wearily to his knees. His armor pierced from behind by his tormentor’s poison word arrows. Their sharp barbs thrust deeply into the cavern where his heart resides. As the warrior drops his sword in the mental agony of defeat, the enemy Despair seizes It’s opportunity and swallows him whole! Down he spirals into the deepening gloom which covers and binds him in an ever tightening shroud.
All the previous striving against enemies both without and within is now deemed fruitless in his anguish. He is so tired, this warrior. For what good purpose does he continually get up to renew battle on a daily basis? Attempting to push back the darkness from his kith and kin, keeping it ever at bay, while never, never defeating them, the enemies: Hunger (never satisfied for long), Thirst (never quenched), Financial Ruin (always at his heels), Age (steadily growing), Desire (unfueled), Diminishing (power, strength, health, memory, life, love, happiness). Also enemies within; Doubt, Greed, Pride, Lust, Lethargy, Lies….
“Why continue?”
Light, brilliant, radiant, and warm pierces the darkness, dispelling it completely. Golden orange behind the warriors closed eyelids beckon him to open them. They flutter open slowly, squinting at first, adjusting cautiously to the glorious lumens pouring out from the beauteous soul before him. In wondrous awe the warrior looks upon the face of Beauty…
“…’And beauty stayed his hand’… You are so, - So warm and radiant, and….”
Extending her hand she helps the warrior to stand. His tormentor’s poison arrows disintegrate to dust and quickly float away in a cloud of forgetfulness. All of the warrior’s enemies have vanished in the glowing brilliance of Sunny’s presence. Energy, inspiration, and warmth wash over the warrior healing his weary mind and replenishing his soul and spirit. A new purpose enters his thoughts, and he strides toward the icy cavern wherein his heart lies. Sunny’s brightness reflects off the frozen walls lighting the way to the pedestal holding up the warrior’s cold and fractured heart.
“This heart that I choose to give, has been Shattered, Gathered together and glued, twice covered and varnished, and left in this Ice Cave to freeze now many years.”
The Warrior delicately lifts his heart and places it into Sunny’s outstretched hands.
“I perceive that you are kind and good, and that you will not harm this heart of mine. I entrust it to your keeping, for my tormentor disregards it and keeps it forever freezing in this cave. I believe your warmth will forever thaw and energize it, healing me and bringing happiness to my soul.”
In Sunny’s open palms the Warrior’s heart begins to change. The glue holding the billions of shattered fragments fuses together with them and the melting ice crystals blend with the varnished covering coalescing into a whole and healthy, warm and beating heart.  Sunny looks up and smiles her beautiful smile at the Warrior, melting his heart and absorbing it into herself. The Warrior stands before her as one dead. All too aware of the shackle about his ankle which chains him to his tormentor, He nevertheless wishes to leave this prison and journey forever with Sunny by his side.
“This is easier imagined than accomplished. I too am bound to an oasis where my radiance nurtures all those around me. To leave them and journey with you my brave warrior, would cause them to shrivel. I could not leave them forever.”
“Then I would come to your oasis and dwell in peace with you there…”
Sunny places a finger to the Warriors lips to silence him but he quickly yet softly kisses her fingertip, causing Sunny to blush. She smiles as she removes her finger casting her eyes down to the ankle chain. She sighs and shakes her head sadly as her eyes once again meet the Warriors’ hopeful gaze.
“This shackle prevents you from traveling, and besides that, those whom I nurture could not abide your armored form. They cannot see inside this old hardened exterior as I can. To see the healthy green paradise inside of you where I could be protected and enshrined as a precious one. Yes I can see your purpose clearly, but unseeing, they could never accept it.”
“Then what am I to do? Shall I break this shackle, remove this armor?”
“The first thing you should do is sleep.”
Gently touching her palm to the Warrior’s forehead, Sunny compels him to lie back and he drifts off to dreamland.

                           SUNNY AND THE WARRIOR:  PART 2

Darkness surrounds the Warrior. But there is beauty in this darkness, a peaceful rest in sleep. The quietness gives way to the soft sound of waves, increasing in volume, washing gently upon a shore, a tinkling music gives the impression of sunlight glinting on the water sparkling as each wave rolls gently in.
A child’s voice is heard then laughter, The Warrior opens his eyes. Warm sunlight greets his gaze as he takes in the scene before him: a beach, with several children playing in the sand. Beside him he senses Sunny’s warmth.
“Is this a dream?”
“A dream come true.”
“Are these children…?”
“Our children, a second family.”
“But…I never imagined…”
“Deep within yourself you must have wished for this.”
“Where are we?”
“Somewhere you must have always wanted to go, Infant Island.”
“Infant Island?”
“Look at the kite.”
“Ah, yes this MUST be a dream.”
“A Dream Come True.”

A fictional story to go with my paintings.
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Lukesworks Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
This poem you wrote two years ago almost exactly describes this story. -

A life is changed in just an instant's time,
All darkness fled before that brilliant sun
That shines from spoken words of softest rhyme
And speaks of treasures, only just begun.

I love it!
Lukesworks Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Now the paintings, "Fractured Heart" (which goes with part one) and "Second Family" (which belongs with part 2)
are in my gallery - enjoy!
Lukesworks Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
I was listening to "Tenku" the title track from one of Kitaro's albums when I was envisioning part 2.
The two paintings that go with this story are not uploaded yet. (3/28/2013)
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