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                         Sunny and the Warrior Part 4

 Sunny pulls herself from the idyllic scene in her mind's eye and looks at the old Warrior's armored form before her. Her brow furrows with consternation as she takes in the fading and cracking armor. "What is happening?" she asks as her sight moves inside the now vacant shell and sees the formerly splendid garden withered and dying. How long has the warrior's free and happy spirit been absent from his physical form?  She cannot tell, but the devastating effects are painfully apparent to her. This mortal house is dying swiftly and if she does not act soon, her Warrior will be no more. She looks back inside and sees his happy soul blissfully watching their winged hearts loving freely together but now she perceives that the living fountain is merely keeping the warriors spirit alive there temporarily. If his body dies, he and the fountain she had hoped would restore her oasis will both cease to exist. The horror of that realization shocks Sunny into action and she uses all of her will to repel the Warrior's soul out of her essence and force him back into his withering armor knowing full well that this rejection could have a devastating effect on Him.
  Have you ever lived with constant pain whether emotional or physical, for so long you begin to endure it with a weary perseverance, bordering on acceptance of its normalcy, and unexpectedly, some miracle allows the pain to disappear so that you are able to stand tall and unrestricted for a length of time that you forget the terrible suffering was ever there?  That was the warrior's experience with the freedom of Sunny's love, he was soaring ever higher in her presence, freed from the oppressing weight of his armor, and battles with tormentors and enemies. Then, just as suddenly, through no fault of his own, he was replaced within his armor and the painful burden fell back upon him like a crushing mountain. The full awareness of being separated from Sunny's presence also blind-sided him and dropped him to his knees. In extreme anguish he screamed "WHY SUNNY?!!"
 Tears sprang from Sunny's eyes causing her vision to sparkle like diamonds as the Warrior's living fountain began to replenish his inner garden and cause the faded color of his armor to brighten towards its former luster. "You were dying, you would die in there cut off from yourself, and I cannot endure your death." He bows his head in weary sadness and weeps, "I will die without you here in this abominable circumstance as well!"  Sunny half smiles through her sadness, "No my brave, enduring Warrior. You will not die here, for I still love you and we will seek another way to free both of our souls. But you must have patience. I have plenty to spare and I will help you to endure this pain for it is mine now as well and together we will survive it. Two hearts are better than one for enduring pain, a shared burden is halved."
The Warrior shuddering under the weight of his pain does indeed feel a lightening of the burden as Sunny helps him to his feet and stands by, her hand on his shoulder infusing him with energy and a renewed will to carry on...
4th installment of my Warrior series.

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May 15, 2013
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