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Sunny and the Warrior Part III.

 A life is changed in just an instant's time,
All darkness fled before that brilliant sun
That shines from spoken words of softest rhyme
And speaks of treasures, only just begun. (Anonymous poem)

The Warrior slowly returns from his lovely dreams, he opens his eyes to Sunny's dazzling brightness and is amazed by just how much at peace he feels.
"How did you find me here?"
Sunny looks far away to her Oasis and replies, "Sometimes I can see so far from the shrinking Oasis I nurture. Far beyond the encroaching desert, I saw you battling bravely every day. I watched your struggle and was moved to inspect deeper. I witnessed your valiant fight and loved your undying perseverance. The deeper my eyes penetrated, the easier it was to see past your outer shell and I was drawn into the lush green garden of your soul. Once there, I perceived a living river nurturing all the plants so differently than the way the light I shine nurtures. I thought your fountain of youthful life could be used to water my Oasis and perhaps cause the desert to flower. Blooming into a beautiful jungle forest, where everyone I love could exist in peace and comfort. I had to come closer and see you first hand."
 The Warrior looks into Sunny’s glowing eyes replying; "And you have inspired me to give you my heart, though it has melted into you and I can now feel it as I once did long ago, healed and beating strong in your essence. How is this possible?"
Sunny looks deeply into The Warrior's eyes and he moves forward quickly into those pools of liquid gold and is transported along a corridor of ever brightening light, flying free from his armor and restraints to where his heart, now alive and sprouting wings, flies freely with Sunny's own winged heart. Together like love birds, they wind through the sky, kissing and cavorting in the sunshine of Sunny's presence happily singing of new found love and dreams of forever harmonizing in the growing foliage Sunny had described. And the Warrior became so filled with the overflowing river in his soul that it poured out in all directions bringing much needed rain to the dry land surrounding Sunny's dwelling place, so that even her nurtured guardians became glad and everything bloomed as Sunny had hoped it would.
"And now MY dreams are coming true” she said. “Your Soul garden is the center of my existence and I shall dwell here happily ever after." And the two hearts, now beating as one, grew in unison to fill the view from side to side, as high as the mountains, as wide as the sky, as deep as the ocean, as infinite as eternity…
Third installment of my Warrior series.
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May 2, 2013
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