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Tomorrow I complete Level 51. This has been an awfully difficult level to advance through. The enemies I had to fend off were tougher than in previous levels. And the "Big Boss" despair was pretty much poised to swallow me whole for the entire level. But luckily a "Magic Item" that had been along for the ride for a while on this level turned out to be a silver bullet. Like a ray of sunshine turns dark clouds bright and outlines them with beautiful silver linings, My perseverance over "Dark Despair" granted me total victory! Now many good things are speeding towards me as I fly down the ever brightening tunnel toward a brilliant level 52. I can hardly wait to see the bright vista that is opening up before me. Sirena, (my silver car) is now all mine. Early on in level 51 I gave up hope for lent, specifically hope for a better job. Half way through the level a better one appeared. I have tried it again this year, giving up hope for lent. I'll let you know how that went next year. I have tossed off interest in the political realm, I shall become an uninformed voter, or more accurately ignorant voter, because I plan to ignore all politics for now. That alone allows huge weights to fall from your mind. Odd numbered years have been more difficult to traverse on past levels, Now a glorious even numbered level is brightly shining down on me, and the future is so bright I just might have to wear shades!
Wow - that's it? What's the point?
  Next week I shall advance to "level 51" in this reality game wii call Life.- Can't say I'm exactly thrilled to be here. There doesn't seem to be any bright hope on the horizon. At least not here on planet earth.
  Political Complaint: - I'm (Usually) Optimistic, and hold more conservative views than liberal ones. The current election cycle seems to be an exercise in futility. I can't see any good in the current administration, and don't see it getting better if granted 4 more years.(In fact I believe it would get exponentially worse in that case) yet there seems to be an "inevitability" about it at this point.
  I reject the "old guard" 'boomer' republicans telling me I must settle for their lesser of 2 evils: Mr. Romney. (Yes he is more conservative than last time's choice, but totally lame none the less.) But now that the truer conservatives are giving up, I feel we're abandoned. I know we always get the president we deserve, but I (right now) think I'm going to protest the choice by NOT choosing!
   Some day, (maybe sooner than we think), a leader will come along - (666) - and we'll join or die. I know the whole world will have to get with his program, and the Tea Party style resistance to Tyranny cannot be evidenced on earth then. So this current situation may be a fore-shadowing of that time. I'm feeling like joining the complacent right now!
  But perhaps my ultimate purpose in life will be to NOT accept the mark of the beast- and... "Off with my head!!" - Yeah I can be one of those thousands of souls under the throne crying out for vengeance.  OR- I can just continue to advance another 30 to 50 levels or so and get to that end game scenario. - yeah whatever.